_space @SFU Surrey


A Makerspace Prototype for SFU Surrey.

Designed and prototyped a “makerspace” company that champions sustainable invention and making, empowering people to create in the makerspace. We were given a $10,000 budget and an empty space designated “The Surrey Makerspace”. We are to use this space as a prototype for the Makerspace company. SFU Surrey and its communities are the clients.




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Angle VR

ANGLE VR is a Material in Design (IAT336) project by Interactive Arts and Technology students at Simon Fraser University. As the team lead, I worked closely with 3 other team members and actively participated in concept brainstorming. I was the webmaster, who created the ANGLE VR website, documented our process with photography and blog posts from beginning to end. The brand ANGLE VR was created by me and I was also in charge of the product design, which includes drafting, physical prototyping, and final model making.

ANGLE VR is a newly designed virtual reality device intended for young adults suffering from depression and anxiety. Majority of VR devices in the current market use dark tones for their main colour theme, whereas ANGLE VR features vibrant coloured fabric and an eye cushion that is customizable to increase the user’s comfort level. Plastic and Fabric were the given constraints for this project. Therefore, ANGLE VR is made of lightweight and cooling materials, acrylic and gel memory foam, which is durable enough for long duration everyday uses.

We have captured our design process in our ANGLE VR blog.